Choices for the Future

Choices for the Future

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Teams, organization and equipment build any company's performance backbone. In a globalized economy, with strong regulatory constraints, investment strategies contribute significantly to the future of a company and its success in business.
Poclain Technicast employees can confirm this as the company was the first one to install an air impact moulding  line and an automated pouring in France in the 1990s. These investments played a major role in the growth enjoyed by the company in the following decade.

Poclain, our new shareholder, is a true family-owned, long-term-oriented, industrial company, that shares the same convictions about investments as Poclain Technicast. True to these values, right after the acquisition, we defined a major investment plan with Poclain that spans several years in order to support our business and growth plan. Here are a few examples of our ongoing investments, with many more to come in the following years.

A new shot blasting robot, coupled with a CNC grinding machine in a production cell has been installed. The operator can carry out three different operations:
grinding, cleaning of the hydraulic channels and final control in the same location . Quality has
improved substantially thanks to the reduction of process variations compared to manual grinding.

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A second new CNC grinding cell, dedicated to heavy parts is just being commissioned. It will very clearly improve the working conditions, reinforce process stability and improve overall quality of castings over 20kg.

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Water based core coating process and drying ovens will be installed in the core shop during the second half of the year. Such a process normally requires a high amount of energy. In line with our sustainable development strategy, Poclain Technicast will use the innovative process of air dehydration, requiring only low temperature to dry the coating., The energy will be drawn from the heat of the air compressors and the melting shop, reusing the energy! Working conditions will also be improved, as no more alcohol based coating will be used.

Several other investments recently launched or under consideration for next year:
- New automated storage for patterns, close to the moulding  line. This will reduce the risks of pattern damage during transport and drastically improve working conditions.
- Heat treatment oven to support the growth of our business in the field of turbo housings, exhaust manifolds and other applications requiring material grades such as cast iron ENGJS SiMo and ENGJS 350-22 LT or 400.18LT.
- A state-of-the-art sand mixer unit with online sand quality control.

Heat treatment oven                                                       Automated storage
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All these projects and many more to come, show the long-term commitment of our shareholder in developing its casting division business by supporting Poclain Technicast's strategy to become a world class foundry.

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