For Poclain Technicast, safety at work is his first priority. Over our responsibility to preserve our human resources, it's also to preserve our expertise, our experience and our qualifications. Poclain Technicast' General Management committed in this process of reduction of accident's risks and in improvement of work conditions. The Safety Policy shows this commitment.




Our Values: healthy and safe working conditions


Our Ambition: Zero accident
People safety in our premises is our first priority. Accidents are not a fateful coincidence. We should make all necessary efforts to avoid their occurrence. Safety must be an integral part of our genes and of our company culture.


Our Policy:
- Identify risks related to our industrial operations
- Define a safety action plan, clear priorities and ensure its deployment
- Train and involve our staff
- Share our values, our objectives and enforce our safety policy with external staff involved in our operations (temporary work companies, subcontractors)
- Control at the workplace the proper application of rules and the deployment of best practices.
- Analyze the root causes of all gaps between our policy and reality at work. Eradicate their recurrence. Improve the work conditions. Act quickly with an adequate sense of urgency
- Ensure adequacy between the means employed and the realized progress in accordance with our objectives by the follow-up of performance indicators


Our Commitment:
Poclain Technicast' General Management commit to fully support and implement necessary means for the respect of our safety policy.
We ask all managers to behave with exemplarity and show a total commitment to the application of this policy.
Safety is everyone's business. It's only with permanent determination, daily focus and attention, that together, individual and collectively, we will be more efficient.


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